BareFaced Smudge Launches in 2019

I’m excited to share this colourful collaboration.

BareFaced Smudge Exclusive British Yarn

Early this year I was lucky enough to share an exhibition space with the lovely Sunshine from MyMamaKnits. Our stands were in complete contrast to one another, hers a riot or colour and mine a quiet classic edit, of paired back neutrals. They really complimented one another and we got to talking about how a collaboration of my yarn and her colours would work.

After relatively few attempts Sunshine effortlessly captured my mood boards and served up the most incredible shades.

These sample shades debuted at The Knitting and stitching show in Harrogate and almost instantly sold out!

I‘m  showcasing just 2 of those fabulous shades right now with a view to bringing out more next year if you all like it.

They'll be available for forward ordering as they’re hand painted and unique. Although they can be worked in batches no two skeins will ever be identical. So they make great accents to a larger project or perfect for a smaller quick knit with added uniqueness.

You can pre order your British Barefaced Smudge in DK or Chunky in our Yarn Shop here >>

Tarmachan  ( see below) is a deep rich palette, inspired by the smokey tones in my beloved dog Burnel,  whose breed name is Tarmarchan.BareFaced Smudge Exclusive British Yarn

Burnel is a closer interpretation of her soft dusty coat, and has subtle tones of grey and blue. Both colours are designed to compliment the BareFaced classic colours of Clotted Cream, Silver Birch and Charcoal grey and come in both Double Knit and Chunky weight.

We hope you like them ? 

 BareFaced Smudge Exclusive British Yarn

Burnel (top) Tarmachan (bottom)


You can pre order your British Barefaced Smudge in DK or Chunky in our Yarn Shop here >>

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