Why knitting should be your new hobby for 2018  

What better time of the year to start a new hobby than right at the beginning. Have you noticed how most New Years’ resolutions start with what we should give up? Wouldn’t it be a more positive resolution to start something you’ve never done before – a new hobby!


Here are my top 5 reasons why you should consider Knitting as your new hobby for 2018


  1. Knitting is cool again

The traditional craft of hand knitting has never been so current and on trend, it’s having a renaissance! Support and inspiration is abundantly available both in indie yarn shops, online platforms, virtual and actual workshops and specialist trade shows. With entire YouTube channels dedicated to just casting on, it’s never been easier to learn from the comfort of your own space.


  1. Satisfaction in creating something with your hands

It’s a unique experience; taking time out of a busy life to concentrate on making something with your hands -  perfect or imperfect, for yourself or someone else, it marks a moment when you forgot the outside world and concentrated on something else. And you have something at the end to show for it!


  1. Learn a lifelong skill

There’s no greater feeling than the sense of pride in learning a new skill, challenging yourself and being creative. Even as an experienced knitter with many years under my belt I’m still learning, still experimenting and still enjoying the process. Research also shows that when you learn something new you actually create new pathways in your brain, so keep your mind fit and healthy too.


  1. Knitting is portable

With just 2 needles and yarn you can achieve a finished product anywhere and on the go. In fact I’ve been known to use chop sticks and ripped up recycled t-shirts when I’ve been unable to get my hands on conventional needles and yarn. Once you’ve learned the very basic techniques of knit and purl you’ll be amazed at the infinite possibilities that can be achieved with the minimal amount of equipment.


  1. Knitting is the new mindfulness

Hand knitting is scientifically proven to improve brain function and memory skills, that’s why it’s been called yoga for the mind. It has all the feel good factors of yoga without the need for specialist clothing, sweaty rooms and body contortions. The repetitive motion of knitting, of gentle counting, and the relaxing click clack of the needles soothes a busy mind and relaxes the heart rate.

Learn to knit, it could be good for you! Jo x 


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